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Love Your Walls Again

Fast, Professional Drywall Repair

Say goodbye to lackluster, damaged walls and hello to seamless drywall repairs! 

Hole in the Wall Drywall Repair is the ultimate fixer-upper for damaged drywall, from pesky water spots to unexpected holes, plumbing re-pipes, and more. With a mission to deliver top-notch customer service and quality, you can trust us to bring your walls back to life with a flawless finish. Get ready to love your walls again, with Hole in the Wall Drywall Repair.

Fast Drywall Repair for Holes in the Wall

  • Door knob holes
  • Anger holes
  • Corner dings and dents
  • Wall anchor holes from hanging a TV or picture
  • Flood and water damage

Fast Drywall Repair for Holes in the ceiling

  • Step throughs
  • Water damage
  • Sagging ceiling boards
  • Cracks in the wall
  • Kids!

Rapid Patch System

Our Rapid-Patch System allows most drywall holes to be patched in just one visit for a fast and convenient drywall repair. In many cases, repairs require less than 2 hours to complete.

At Hole in the Wall, we use techniques that not only reduce the time needed to make the repair, but also minimize the amount of dust created in your home. Leaving only new walls behind. Drywall texture can be applied immediately, leaving you with a seamless repair ready for painting within 24 hours! That’s service you can trust.

Garage & Porch/Patio Ceilings

The spaces of your home, like garages, patios, and porches aren’t air-conditioned spaces, and are left exposed to damaging heat and humidity. Over time, humidity can cause drywall in the ceiling to begin sagging or the seam tape to separate and fall down.

In some homes, nails were used to secure drywall to the ceiling instead of screws, in the building process.  With the extra weight from the humidity, the drywall can start to slip off the nails. This is the kind of damage you will want repaired quickly, or it could result in drywall falling from your ceiling.

Drywall and Ceiling Repairs may include:

  • Spot repair the ceiling
  • Re-secure the ceiling drywall
  • Re-seam the ceiling drywall
  • Remove the dated popcorn ceiling and apply a new texture
  • Apply stain killer and paint ceiling

Re-pipe / Re-plumb & Plumbing Holes

Once your plumbing-related woes have been sorted, you may be left with holes in your drywall- but don’t worry! These are our favorite types of repairs. You need an experienced drywall technician who can flawlessly repair and texture the areas for a seamless look.

As part of our drywall repair, seamless texture matching is a core service that we offer. Most repairs can be completed in your home with just one visit, saving you time and hassle. 

Cracks / Loose Seams

Cracks in your ceiling may appear only cosmetic, but this doesn’t mean you should put off getting them fixed. Ignoring those cracks may cause them to spread, resulting in a more expensive repair. If ignored for a long enough, your ceiling could fall.

Those cracks usually occur when your drywall seams separate. The tape securing them has come loose. Our drywall technicians can re-screw and re-tape your drywall seams to secure the ceiling in place and prevent further damage. Depending on the severity of the cracking, we might recommend re-securing your entire ceiling to avoid future problems.

Wall cracks, though unsightly, are less severe than ceiling cracks. However, it is still a good idea to get them fixed to restore your walls to like-new condition.

Water / Flood Damage

When you have a water leak, roof damage, or flood, it can leave your drywall damaged. Often, finding and repairing the source of a leak or flooding requires removing areas of drywall. In many cases, after the source of the water is found and fixed, you are left with holes or damage to your drywall ceilings and walls. 

“Flood Cut” is a term we use when the lower part of a wall is removed due to flood damage. Usually, a two-to-four-foot section at the bottom of the wall is removed, replaced, and retextured to match the existing walls after flood damage has occurred. Hole in the Wall Drywall Repair can replace and repair the bottom section of the removed drywall and get your flood damaged walls patched up looking good as new.

Upfront Pricing 

We believe in being open and honest with our customers when it comes to drywall repair – no hidden surprises! We’ll provide an estimate of the costs upfront, so you know exactly what to expect. And once we get started on your project, that’s the price we stick with.

One Year Warranty

We believe in giving our customers the peace of mind they deserve – that’s why we back all drywall work with a 1-year warranty. If ever you’re not satisfied, we’ll make it right. Your trust is well-placed when you hire Hole in the Wall Drywall Repair. 

Background Checked Staff

Our drywall repair technicians are the perfect combination of professionalism and trustworthiness! We make sure our specialists are background checked, insured, and fully trained. We do the vetting for you, so you can be content knowing your home is getting top-notch care.

High Praise From Our Clients

Here are just a few of the testimonials from our clients.

Love Your Walls Again

Fast, Professional Drywall Repair